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Throughout his adventures Baldo is accompanied by various companions, among them a giant, a centaur, a magician, and his best friend Cingar, a trickster. Furthermore, it is grossly satirical in its treatment of the clergy and at times borders on the sacrilegious. Baldo blended Latin with various Italian dialects in hexameter verse. An English translation was published for the first time in by Ann E.

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Three years later he became prior of the monastery of Santa Maria delle Ciambre in Sicily. For a few years his life as a monk seems to have been tolerably regular, and he is said to have produced a considerable quantity of Latin verse, written, not unsuccessfully, in the Virgilian style. From his infancy he showed great vivacity of mind, and a remarkable cleverness in making verses. The work was a model for Rabelais.

Though frequently censured, it soon attained a wide popularity, and within a very few years passed through several editions and was later expanded by Folengo. These, however, denver hookup reddit have never been published.