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Holly tells Robbie that she lied about Jason forcing himself on her and that they actually had sex together. Holly tells Callum about this although Callum refuses to believe it, causing them to argue. Callum walks in on Wes doing this, and they fight after Wes reveals the topless pictures he has of Holly. Holly tells Robbie that Jason forced himself on her, which causes Robbie to furiously attack Jason. While Callum and Holly are messing around with a shotgun outside, Holly nearly shoots a man.

Waring added that if Hollyoaks wanted somebody who looked like Waters they would not have recast the character. Just as well as most of his life seems rather like pulling teeth. Cindy is later found and sectioned but she tells Jason that she believes that Holly and Dirk are trying to poison her which he then tells Holly, upsetting her. Wes forgives them, but when Wes and Holly are alone, Wes acts violent towards her.

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Her place is taken by Alfie, who has been a regular since series six but never appeared in the titles until the ninth series. At last, Roger is back on the dating scene but with Ben suddenly becoming attached to his sworn enemy, he might find it more difficult than he expects. During the chase she falls over and hits her head on the pavement, knocking herself unconscious. Eventually, Holly comes to forgive Tony and Cindy and after talking to Tony at the hospital, Holly overhears Cindy and Tony talking about giving their marriage another chance.

Starting in the Christmas Special, Alfie has been replaced by Kenzo. Holly then talks to newcomer Alfie Nightingale Richard Linnell about it, tree ring dating techniques in archeology neither aware that they're half-siblings.

It is clear that she is far from interested about her mother's recovery and is asked by Tony and Myra to stay at the McQueens, much to her disapproval. They kiss but Holly freaks out. The next morning Diane takes a hungover Holly back home. She later visits Jason in hospital but refuses to forgive him.

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Ed Dyson and David Cantor have written episodes for the seventh, eighth, ninth and eleventh series. Holly then realises that Cindy has her own selfish motives for wanting her to win and overhears Cindy tell Tony that the talent show isn't important. However, she is released without charge after Nathan forgives her. Damon confronts the pair and punches Zack, causing them to fight.

Darren initially believes that Holly was merely helping him hide that he was gambling, which Holly was aware of. Zack plans on proposing to Holly but backs out upon realising how much she wants to go. He is then interrupted by Theresa, who is also at the party, and Wes then leaves. Holly and Robbie continue their affair and although Holly feels regret for betraying Jason, she doesn't end it. Susan has to juggle motherhood, a career, and a husband and hasn't enough time to manage everything, including improving her cooking skills.

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During a house party on the trip, Wes joins Holly alone in the bedroom and forces her to let him take topless pictures of her or he will report her to the police for nearly shooting him. Although no reason was given, as this was not subject to any Ofcom procedure, it is likely that was considered offensive to blind people.

Holly and Damon are furious when they discover that Milo hacked Damon's phone. Damon confesses to Holly that he slept with someone else but doesn't say that it was Cindy. Holly is blamed by Cindy for leaving the Price Slice freezer door open and letting the stock defrost. It reveals that Nick, Janey and Michael are next to Abi and Ben and Susan are with each other at the top left of the screen.

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He says that if it was dangerous driving, Cleo is more than likely to receive a lengthy prison sentence. Cindy eventually disappears causing Holly to panic over what to do but Cindy's boyfriend Dirk Savage promises to support her and Hilton. After Holly is born on Christmas Day, a terrified Cindy abandons her outside the hospital and desperately tries to carry on as normal. After the death of Max on his wedding day, Cindy and Holly decide to stay permanently in Hollyoaks. Michael succeeds in placing the whole family on The Weakest Link, but Anne Robinson raises more difficult questions than might have been expected.

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Holly and Rhys end up striking a friendship, however, Cindy ends her relationship with him. After being discharged from hospital, Holly and Cleo are then questioned by police. Holly arrives in Llandudno for the wedding and Cindy tries to change her mind about marrying Damon. After Cindy has a heated encounter with Diane, Holly later has a bad argument with her mother, and accuses her of being a bad parent. Jade then ties Holly up, although Tilly eventually kills Jade during a fight and releases both Holly and Esther.

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Add to that the ever-so-slowly blossoming of the Abi-Roger romance and the new cuckoo in the nest, wiser-than-he-looks Alfie Butts and the problems multiply. Michael and Alfie investigate the world of internet dating with mixed results, and Abi realises her true vocation in life is to become a nun!

After looking for her themselves Tony and Cindy have no choice but to phone the police. The other three are lapped over each other with a photo of Michael, Janey and Nick from left to right in them. When Holly tries to get her out Cindy pushes her under. The first box stands alone with Ben and Susan in it. The shock of the situation makes Cindy realise that she does genuinely love her baby.