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He later competes against Eldon in the male solo round at Nationals, and loses. After West gets food poisoning from a kebab, she has to take up his spot, due to a previous agreement from Amanda, another alternate.

Henry is unable to guess what she draws, but Jacquie is extremely proficient at depicting her drawings. She goes out of her way to display her expertise and revels in the intimidation of her peers that results from her dancing.

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Daniel has not said anything about their friendship though. She is cut from A-Troupe after the Challenge for getting onto the Nationals Team after struggling with the spinning section of the routine. Later on in that episode, Hunter is rehearsing his Nationals Solo and admits his feelings to Emily, kissing her.

When Amanda tells him that she kissed him while he was under the anesthetic, he finally kisses her, only to realize that she lied. After realizing how mean he was Daniel leaves dance for good. Kate decides to give Hunter the solo, which makes Eldon dislike Hunter more. She is dismayed when Riley kisses Alfie and worried about the Jiley relationship but is later relieved when they make up.

Emily does not pick any hip-hop dancers, breakdancers, J-Troupers or doubters onto her A-Troupe and instead only technical and disciplined dancers. However, this plan backfires but he tries to bring them down one more time during the final round by becoming a judge. She is originally happy to get the solo in a routine being choreographed by Eldon but is then embarrassed when she realises that he mistook Jacquie for her. Her parents aren't very supportive of her dancing career and she relies on Emily for encouragement.

Her greatest ambition is to become the dance captain of A-Troupe and she is willing to do just about everything to achieve this dream. Riley ends her friendship with Ella after this. The Next Step do a routine where everyone does old-fashioned dancing and then James walks and the rest show him how to dance in that way.

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She changes Riley's sensible personality to a lively, mischievous personality, and they both pull many pranks. Then James shows then hip-hop and the routine is a combination of two dances. Daniel auditioned for a spot at Juilliard but he failed his audition.

Noah attempts to kiss Amanda before his surgery, but chickens out and promises to kiss her afterward. At the qualifier, Noah fumbles due to his back problem, causing the team not to qualify to Regionals. Noah had a crush on her and at Amanda's welcome back party, they kissed and danced together. Noah fears that, if the first kiss is not enjoyable, it will ruin their relationship. She then starts dating Noah.

Richelle is very proficient in contemporary. On occasion, Richelle wears leggings. Acro is Richelle's dominant style of which she is exceptionally proficient in. Richelle initially has straight, dirty blonde hair, which is dyed brown for a dance season. Noah and Richelle are put together, and after Richelle sees Noah blow raspberries and gets chocolate spread around his mouth, phd student dating undergraduate she strongly dislikes him.

She dates Eldon briefly while she is at Elite, only for him to break up with her to be with Michelle. Amanda returns after her trip at Sweden and finds out that a lot of events happened whilst she was away from The Next Step. He is disappointed he is chosen to face her in the dance battle and even more so when he beats her.